Memorial or Funeral Servcie

A Memorial Service or Funeral

One of the most challenging times in any family is the death of  a loved one.  A Funeral Service is one in which the body of the person who has died is present.  A Memorial Service is one without the presence of the body and most often occurs after burial or cremation.  Both of these services focuses on thanksgiving for and celebration of the life of the person who has died.

The Funeral Director must call the Pastor to determine the day and time of the Funeral or Memorial Service.      

The Pastor will make arrangements to visit with the family as soon as possible, either in the home or in the church office in order to plan the service.  At such time, the details of the service regarding music, scripture and any other special additions will be discussed. Masonic,  military, fraternal or other rituals should be conducted and completed before the Funeral or Memorial Service begins.

A)  Pastor is $125.00.
B) Organist is $125.00.
C)  Building use  of $100.00 includes the sound system tech and clean-up after the service.
D) St. John’s Hospitality Team can provide a light meal after the service:

Cold meal: $6.00 per person
Hot meal:  $5.00 per person
Snacks (cookies, cakes, chips):  Free